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 Richard Guy Briggs, ???, Claus Kalle, ???, Sebastian Hetze, Lutz Donnerhacke and Jos Vos 
( 768x512 160 kb )

File gruppenfoto8.jpg
Make Eastman Kodak Company
X Resolution 72 Pixels/Inch
Y Resolution 72 Pixels/Inch
YCbCr Positioning Center of Array
Image Capture Date 1999:09:10 11:18:14
Exposure Bias 0 EV
Focal Length 10.4mm
Exposure Time 183/50000 Sec.
Aperture f7.74
Exif Image Width 768 pixels
Exif Image Height 512 pixels
Metering Mode Center Weighted Average
EXIF Version 0200
FlashPix Version 0100
Light Source/White Balance Automatic
Compressed Bits Per Pixel 1.6
Aperture Value f8
Max Aperture Value f2.8
Shutter Speed Value 1/512 Sec.
ColorSpace sRGB
Component Configuration YCbCr
Subject Distance 4.29497e+07m

Geometry 768x512
Format JPEG
Filesize 161kb
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