Augsburger Linux-Infotag 2023

Digitale Gesellschaft

Youth Hacking 4 Freedom - Hacking competition for teenagers from Europe

Bonnie Mehring

um  14:15im Raum  Raum Afür  45min


You like coding and tinkering with software or hardware? And you are up for a challenge? Then the “Youth Hacking 4 Freedom” is the perfect competition to test your skills. The Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) organises this annual hacking contest for young people in Europe. Learn and hear all about the past experience form participants and find out how to apply for the next round.

With the “Youth Hacking 4 Freedom” contest the FSFE has created a fun hacking competition for young people from Europe. The participants have the chance to work on their own project idea with the guidance of experts from the Free Software universe. There are no limitations for the projects as long as they are published under a Free Software license. In this competition young people can test their skills, learn how to work on a project under a deadline, and most importantly have fun while meeting different people from Europe. Hear all about the competition and how to participate in this talk.


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